My Cup Overflows

*originally written Nov 26, 2018

Week six: This morning at the library, instead of sharing my #LibraryThoughts, I did the #FullTiltBoogie and met with another real estate agent and talked real estate. I absolutely love this gal and enjoyed our time together. As a wife, mother, grandmother, Realtor, network marketing entrepreneur, and homeschool mom, you make it work however and wherever you can and bonus points when you get to hang with people you enjoy.

It’s now six weeks since making a huge change in my business life. I assure you it was not an easy decision to step down from the position I’d spent several years building. I had a team of people, customers, and residual income. I’ve heard many, many times in the last six weeks, “My jaw hit the floor,” “I never imagined you’d leave [your previous company],” “Girl, I thought you’d be with [your previous company] forever,” ect. I know, I know…I thought the same thing about it myself. Let me ask this; What could possibly be so good that it could convince me to walk away from what I’d spent so much time and effort building? What business opportunity or products could convince me to leave behind something that had literally transformed my life? The answer is Vasayo, and I just took advantage of a terrific Black Friday/Cyber Monday sale to buy the biggest product pack the company offers, because I’m all in. All. In. The purchase of this pack during this special also includes a ticket to Convention. You know how I love me a convention, right? The purchase of this pack up until Dec 31, 2018 also puts me (and you if you choose to take advantage) in an exclusive group and provides an opportunity to make more money. Who couldn’t use more money?

Well, that takes us back to the wife, mother, grandmother, homeschool mom thing…I know what it’s like to feel like you can’t spend money on yourself. I’ve totally been there. I spent enough time on the back burner that I nearly lost my ability to take care of my people. Hear me out. You cannot pour from an empty cup. You can try for a while, years even, but it catches up to you. Young mommas who don’t think you’ll burn out, hear what this older momma is saying. It catches up to you. When it does, the crash isn’t pretty. The health issues aren’t pretty. The loss of yourself isn’t pretty. You’re not invincible. It’s a tough pill to swallow, especially with all the pressures of social media. It’s hard enough being a mom without all of that. Oy! But such are the days in which we live. You can use the world of social media as a tool to measure yourself against other moms who seem to have it all together (bonus info: they don’t have it all figured out either) or you can use it as a tool of empowerment. It’s up to you.

I feel like I’ve been doing this Mom Gig long enough to use the word “wisdom” once in a while. Not claiming to know it all, but with age and experience does come a share of it. I’ve found that it’s actually a very good and productive thing to invest in yourself. The ROI is priceless. The financial return of that investment is wonderful, of course, but the MOST important thing is the time you’re able to spend with the people who matter the very most to you in the whole world. You’ve got a cell phone in your hand. Let me show you how you can use it to build a business. I’m all in, remember?

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