Doing What You Love/Or Not

*originally written June 10, 2019

Week 35: Doing What You Love/Or Not

Do you have a job? Do you get financial compensation for going to work when you’re scheduled to be there? Do you love your job or hate it? Maybe you’re indifferent about it, or maybe you’re passionate about what you do. Do you think your pay should be based on whether or not you care or feel passionate, or if you just clock in on time? I know it’s difficult to see someone getting paid the same as you but not working nearly as hard. I’ve been there. But what if you see someone absolutely loving what they do? They’re so very passionate and excited!! Does that excite you? Are you happy for them, or do you begrudge their happiness because you’re not that happy? Do you think that person should be making a paycheck or just volunteer and do it for free with no financial compensation?

I’m involved in an industry that allows me to feel passionate through personal experience about what I’m doing. I GET TO share with others about my positive experiences. I GET TO introduce others to the opportunity to do the same thing. My company compensates me for my one-on-one, word of mouth endorsement of their products and opportunity. They do this in place of paying for ads on television, print, or elsewhere. It only makes sense to have boots on the ground with first-hand experience telling people they know and love about what they have. It really comes down to trust. Do I use and trust the products? Yes. Have I had experience with the leadership of the company and their compensation plan? Yes. After that the most important question is; Do you trust me? This is where the rubber meets the road, folks. This is where my road can be the most fulfilling experience for me…or painful. I’ll admit that. When someone sees what I’m doing and trusts me enough to get involved, it’s like Strawberry Fields Forever and Cloud 9 collide in an orchestra of fireworks and rose petals!! But when someone accuses me of only wanting their money, it’s hurtful. That’s not my heart. Anyone who truly knows me, knows that.

Any product or service you receive, someone, somewhere is getting paid. You don’t go to the doctor and expect him/her to work for free. How about getting your hair cut? Should your stylist/barber work for free? The carpenter you hire to build your deck? The dog groomer? Police officer? Factory worker? Prison guard? Someone, somewhere, probably several someones along the line, has expenses related to that product or service. They have to pay for their supplies and overhead to perform that service or to provide a product. That person then has their own, personal bills and expenses related to living; food, clothing, shelter. So this brings me back to the original question:
Do you have a job, and are you financially compensated for showing up and performing your duties?

If I show up every day loving what I do, sharing about my experiences, offering myself as a leader, mentor, and friend to help someone else feel better and be successful by also helping others by promoting products and an opportunity with a company who is willing to financially compensate me for doing so, then is that greedy and seen as just trying to “take your money”? I think if someone sees it that way, then this obviously is not for them, and they don’t have the type of heart I want to work with anyway. I don’t begrudge anyone a paycheck for good, honest work. I would like to think no one thinks I should work for free just because I love what I do.

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