GOOD FRIDAY: Ch-ch-ch-changes…

*originally written April 19, 2019

It’s Friday night; Good Friday. The weather has been its typical, unpredictable self this week. Yesterday started warm and muggy, and I ended the day of showing properties in the cold wind and drenching wet. Then today, wearing jeans and a flannel shirt and still needing a jacket, I got to thinking about how change is hard. It really is, and the weather is no exception. It doesn’t suddenly change seasons. It’s a process, and it never comes easy. In life, it always comes at a price. I began to think that this could be my next #LibraryThoughts and that I need to do some studying of scriptures about the seasons.

That’s when it hit me….BAM!

One of those moments where I was flooded with a vision of Change that brought tears instantly to my eyes. Y’all, I was driving down the road and had to get a grip. Seriously.

Jesus left his throne in Heaven to come to this earth as a human baby. How’s that for change?

He lived a perfect, sinless life in this smelly, vulnerable, human flesh knowing that he came to fulfill prophesies of the past and change the future forever.

He TORE THE VEIL between man and God. People, do you hear me? Do you grasp the enormity of that? He was crucified. He spoke the words, “It is finished.” The earth trembled. He had fulfilled what he came to do; to be the Ultimate Sacrifice for mankind. The veil was torn. TORN from top to bottom! Time was split into a new era!! How’s THAT for CHANGE?

Then after three days in the grave, the stone was rolled away. It’s Friday, but Sunday is coming. A lot can change in three days. . .

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