Back on His Feet

2 feet = 2 shoes

It has been a long haul for this first foot, but from this end of it, I’m surprised it has gone so quickly. Time really picked up once he got into the walking boot. Once his mobility was back, there was no stopping him. Those two weeks flew right by. Last Friday’s appointment was the one we were looking forward to. It was the one where he was to bring his shoes.

The Bullet & The Wedge
And that FABULOUS Arch!

Dr Brazis took one look at that x-ray and patted herself on the back. She told Nate his foot belongs in a text book. This is the first weight bearing x-rays since the “before” shots.

Flat Foot…Very Flat

We were expecting the next step to be four weeks in athletic shoes. One of Nate’s concerns was whether or not he’d be able to walk around the house without shoes, or if he’d have to be wearing them to walk. I told him he’d have to ask Dr Brazis when we get there. Before he even had a chance to ask, the first thing she did was have him walk around so she could evaluate the situation.

First Step
Checking the Achilles
“Lets take a walk.”

I promise that I’ve tried REALLY hard to get the differences between the two feet to show up in the photos. The transformation is profound! It’s more than just the arch; the whole shape and structure of his foot and toes are different. His foot, ankle, knee, and hip are all in proper alignment. He’s amazed by the way it feels too!

“My shoe goes on really easy!”

We’re now on Day 5 of walking in shoes, and yes, barefoot in the house, and there has been some fatigue from the foot being unused and immobilized for two months, but it’s mostly back to Helicopter Mom tendencies. Now I need to make sure he isn’t going to hurt himself because he feels so good. Sheesh.

He has told me how good it feels to walk on his whole foot and to feel the arch and Achilles stretch. He’s amazed by how his foot points forward on its own and his whole foot doesn’t touch the floor when he walks through the kitchen. He can also stand on one foot and then the other and show me how he’s going to be taller once both feet are finished. . . and he can’t wait!

Back on Both Feet
Dad Carrying the Boot

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