*originally written Oct 15, 2018

It’s what we all want, right? Politics aside, this is why I do what I do. The #FullTiltBoogie is in full swing and requires a lot of time, but the FREEDOM that comes with the flexibility of my schedule is priceless.
Several years ago I began working a business not knowing what in the world I was doing or what I was getting into. I also didn’t realize at the time the FREEDOM and growth that would come into my life; time, flexibility, financial, travel, confidence, and friendships. I have learned so much about working with others, buildings others up and encouraging others while being built up and encouraged by others. I’ve learned to never forget that I am a child of the one, true King. There is FREEDOM in The Lord! There is FREEDOM in knowing who you are…in knowing who I am.
There is an exhilaration that comes with moving forward within that freedom. Change is something many people don’t like. I’m not crazy about it myself. It’s comfortable here in my lane with all the things I know. But I also know the excitement and thrill that comes with taking a leap of faith.
I have been taking some time to reflect on so many times that I’ve been called to something new. Fear is always a part of it, but every single time I have been obedient to a call I have been richly blessed. I feel the fear, the knot in the pit of my stomach, the doubts, the “what if’s”. Yes, what if? What if….I’m obedient? What if…I trust the Voice of Truth? What if…I JUMP? What if…I do it scared? I know the answer, because I have done it before, several times in my life, actually. As I said already; I know that I will be richly blessed.
So here I am. Once again I find myself standing on the precipice of something new. A whole new venture….or I should probably say another one of #AmysAmazingAdventures. Something I never imagined myself saying a very short time ago is that I have resigned from Plexus Worldwide. Are you freaking out yet, because I am. I can’t even really believe it when I look at the words I just typed, but it’s true. I’m taking a leap of faith with a new company. It’s one of those moments in my life that will be reflected upon in my future. I call them “stake in the ground moments”. I don’t know where this new opportunity will lead, but I know it’s what I’m supposed to be doing. To be disobedient to the call will only lead to misery. I’ve been there done that before too. It’s so much nicer to just do it. I’ve said it many, many times before…
“We have our plans, and The Lord has his. His are always better.”
So today I’m moving from that precipice.
Today I JUMP! 😊

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