Birthday Library Thoughts

*originally written Oct 29, 2018

Two weeks ago I sat in this library and made a crazy announcement about a huge change in my life; resigning from a company I love and starting with something new. I was just as shocked as all of you. Two weeks later I sit here on my 45th birthday blown away by the blessings that have poured out to me in such a short amount of time; blessings I pray pour out of me and overflow to those around me. You see, I have a lot wrong with my spine. A lot. And I had a setback that really slowed me down and threatened to stop me. Take that injury and couple it with another change that snuck up on me, and will you too, ladies, if it hasn’t already (we’ll talk more about that later, but I’m 45 now, so know that I’m gonna talk about it), and it was a combo of lost/disturbed sleep and inflammation that was a recipe for disaster, and the #FullTiltBoogie ain’t got time for that! I was looking for something to calm the inflammation that had decided to run rampant, and I found something I thought might help. My intention was to add it to my regimen. But then I took a closer look. I looked, I prayed, I jumped! I knew when I did it that people would wonder what the heck happened. I knew there would be people who would be hurt or feel betrayed. Please know that it was never my intention to hurt anyone’s feelings. I will not stab anyone in the back. I firmly believe that you reap what you sow. It’s biblical. I’ve also been around long enough, 45 years now in fact, to know that when The Lord calls me to something, when He starts a work in me, He is faithful to complete it. This particular work is in its infancy, but He is already confirming to me that I was right to trust Him. Isn’t it always the right thing to do? #yes #LibraryThoughts

Read the “crazy announcement” blog here…

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