Chronicles of a Helicopter Mom

What have I become? I’ve become a smother! My child has spent ten days with me hovering over his every move, reminding him to fall sideways if he loses his balance, asking him if he has brushed his teeth, and then reminding him to be careful when he does. Oy! Even I don’t like this version of myself. He’s my fourth child. Isn’t it time for me to be settled into this motherhood gig like, “Meh, I got this,” but no. Not for the last ten days anyway. I want to hold him by the back of the shirt as if that will somehow keep him from falling and breaking his foot. What on Earth? What can a momma do? I mean, there is to be NO weight on this foot that has been in a half cast and wad of cotton and Ace bandage; Nothing standing between this foot and disaster except me and my incessant reminders and warnings of impending doom!

Hallelujah! And on the tenth day the Lord said, “Let there be a hard cast and peace in a mother’s heart!” So now I feel like there is some protection in case of any incidents that may arise. There was one fall on day eight while this Helicopter Mom was gone showing property. The son fell in the hallway. Apparently all my nagging reminders of falling sideways into the wall if he felt himself losing balance paid off! Instead of the wall, he flung his foot out and fell on his behind. Well, at least he didn’t break his foot, and his booty is just fine. Both father and son were in agreement that they were glad Momma wasn’t home to make a federal case out if it.

On day four when he was put into the second half cast with his foot repositioned, his heel pain was alleviated. This last unveiling revealed that the swelling is mostly gone and the arch is becoming visible. The X-ray comparison is what really blew me away though! Look! There’s an arch!

So now I feel like I can breathe a little sigh of relief and remove my Helicopter Mom name badge. Maybe for a little while anyway. After all, we’re just getting started.

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