Working Our Way Out of a Job aka Parenting

The goal of parenting is to raise good, independent adults, right? We are supposed to work our way out of a job. Sometimes we wonder if they’re actually learning or listening to any of the things we say. Well, let me tell you a good way to gauge their burgeoning independence; have them hobble around on one foot for a while. The whole world is made of lava to the other foot. Absolutely NO touching the ground allowed!

His surgery was last Tuesday, and there has been a lot of lying around on sofas, fluffing pillows, rotating ice packs, dispensing of meds every three hours around the clock, water refills, snacks, and lots of helicoptering by Mom. This is the part where I realize how much he does do on his own. It has strangely been a reminder of what it’s like to have a baby. It’s been a while, y’all. He’s 13 now, and under normal circumstances he actually does do a lot for himself. I know for sure, because right now I’m the one doing all the things. So, I have reassurance that I’m doing something right!

On Friday we had the first post-op follow-up. The dressings were removed, incisions were examined, and that Achilles tendon…oh, Lord, help me!…that Achilles tendon was stretched [insert into this moment a passing out mom who was playing it cool]. A new half cast was formed to his foot with some flexion. I’m not even sure I can talk about that process. Ouch!! Next Friday will include x-rays and a new hard cast. I know I’ll be less of a helicopter mom when that foot is encased in plaster…or whatever it is they use these days.

I have to say how very proud I am of my son. He has been very strong, especially knowing he’ll be doing it again to the other foot in a few weeks. After all, now he knows what he’s getting into.

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