Monday Doesn’t Have to Suck

*originally written Dec 17, 2018

Week Nine: I’m so happy to be at the library today! I’ve missed my quiet time and meandering #LibraryThoughts. It’s always a good time for me to focus and reflect as we launch into a new week. Mondays can be so crazy, and this time of year is even crazier than the norm. Right? We haven’t had our Monday class the last two weeks. The first week the teacher needed to cancel and last week was when Grayson was at the hospital, so I had to cancel. So much has happened. . .

I’m already well into today’s time, and my phone has been busy with real estate business and some folks asking about my new company which is wonderful, and I’ve even set up a meeting with someone needed a knife sharpened by Hair Splitting Edge Sharpening Services. Wow! Go, Monday! Thankful that you don’t always have to suck! Lol!


There has been so much going on I’m not even sure where to begin…

I’ve been extremely humbled by the recognition I’ve received in both of my businesses. Since we were here last, I’ve had a second rank advance in my network marketing business. The support I’ve experienced from my team and encouragement from those of you out there just makes my heart swell. The fact that people trust me to discuss issues that aren’t normally discussed, well, that trust is priceless. Priceless. And with the 0.0% THC CBD coming next month, I can’t wait to help more people than ever. You don’t even know how much it means to me for any of you to simply click “like” on one of my posts. It feels like a pat on the shoulder and an encouraging nudge. Thanks so much, my friends.

I also attended the H2H Christmas party where I was sitting and minding my own business, (well, having a nice time with friends) when I was given an award by my managing broker and total #BossBabe, Celia Camarato Robertson, for Rookie of the Year. I was blown away and humbled beyond words. I got that award based on my sales for 2018. I started real estate in 2017, but 2018 is my first full year. It has been a crazy, busy year spent with some of the most amazing clients; people who have trusted me with what will probably be the largest financial decision they make in their lives. Me? Me. That’s staggering to me, folks. Please don’t read any of this as coming from a place of boasting. Far from boasting, I’m sharing all of this in recognition of all the people who have supported me. I’ve got tears in my eyes as I type this…completely humbled.

As we prepare for Christmas, I’m choosing to focus on the positive and look forward to a happy, healthy, and prosperous new year for my family and all my friends. So even when things are crazy and not going the way I’d hoped, I’m going to remember that Monday doesn’t have to suck….or Tuesday….or Wednesday….ect…

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