The 3 R’s; Rest, Recharge, Reflect

Week 17: The 3 R’s; Rest, Recharge, Reflect

*Originally written Feb, 11, 2019*

Today’s #LibraryThoughts are coming late in the day from my sofa. Yesterday as I planned my Monday, a very full Monday, I was thinking about how I was actually resting and how I might write about that today. You see, there were some errands I needed to run yesterday, but I was feeling tired, a bit fragile even…like the cold and rain might sweep me away. I just needed a day of REST. I was planning for Monday and figured out how I’d coordinate those errands into the mix and allow myself a day to RECHARGE.

I woke up this morning ready to hit the ground running for a day of the #FullTiltBoogie to find my kiddo curled up on the sofa taken out with the stomach virus that’s going around. Ugh…

So, another day at home? Well, don’t get me wrong, there has been a lot of work from the laptop and the phone, but from home. The last week of January marked two years since I’ve been going full speed ahead with zero breaks. I don’t exaggerate. Two. Years.

Yesterday afforded me the time to REFLECT on these last two crazy years. I reflected on goals for the future. That’s what really led me to push those errands off to the next day. The thing I realized it that the pace of full-on-crazy isn’t sustainable. So I took the day to rest. Today, the change in my plans wasn’t my idea, but Nate was on one sofa sleeping as my eyes grew heavy. I stretched out on the other sofa and took a nap. Two days of rest in a row? Two. Days. Apparently I needed that. REALLY needed it.

I’ve always said that we have our plans, and God has His…and His are always better. I’m going to accept the gift of two days of REST in a row, RECHARGE for what is to come, and remember to REFLECT on the blessings of each day.

As for those errands….
After all, tomorrow is another day.

#AmysAmazingAdventures #ResetandRestore #HealthandHome

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